Chris has had the  privilege over the years to work with many dedicated individuals and organizations to build a more peaceful world for this and future generations. Common to all these efforts is the recognition of the essential oneness of humanity. As this principle of oneness becomes more and more a part of our daily consciousness we as a global family become more unified in our journey toward a fully sustainable way of life, living in harmony with nature and with each other.

“Sounds of Peace.” founded in 2004, empowers individuals and organizations with a greater awareness of this principle of oneness and guides them along a path of healing and wellness. As we turn inward to realize peace within ourselves we bring peace into the outer world. Music serves to remind us of being fully present in the moment.

Tapping into this presence, Chris’ music embodies relaxation and stress reduction techniques, and he uses mindfulness and meditation as tools to compose music that promotes health and well-being. Through his art he connects with a greater purpose in life and explores creativity and music as an ongoing spiritual practice.

Sample track: One Leaf Falling from “Love Sustained” CD