About the Artist


Listening is Chris’ trade. Working as a professional piano technician for 35 years has given him an insight to the inner workings of the piano and a great appreciation for the role tuning plays in music making around the world. He believes that similar to tuning, music has the capacity to heal us by restoring and energizing our natural tendency to move toward a state of harmony and balance. He composes and performs contemporary spirituals and meditative piano instrumentals as his way of bringing peace into the world.


Chris’ personal piano is an 1898 C. Bechstein Model A grand piano. His first two CDs were performed on Steinway grand pianos. Chris prefers the sound and experience of playing an acoustic piano and feels this is key to creating a connection with the music. In addition to well tuned strings, the piano action must be finely regulated to allow the instrument to become an extension of the musician, responsive to every nuance of touch. Chris has been composing at the piano since the age of seven.