Chris Farrell is a classically influenced, modern-minded composer and pianist who writes and performs music with a focus on healing and wellness. He believes that we can help each other find personal harmony and create a more peaceful world through the restorative power of music. During his live performances, Chris improvises original solo piano compositions, providing a unique experience in every show. Through these spontaneous expressions of his own inner peace, he hopes to help his audience find balance of mind and a sense of wholeness.

Chris’ first album, Love Sustained is a meditation on the presence of love, as the sustaining force in our lives, exploring intersecting themes in the natural and spiritual world. Recently, Chris has garnered national attention as the composer for Michelle Obama’s Grammy Award-nominated audiobook, American Grown: How the White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families, Schools and Communities. 

Sample track: Wisdom from “Gifts from the Heart” CD           Compassion: Live Concert Video